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QAATS Accounting & Tax Solution is one stop venue for all business requirements. We provide full range of services that start up and growing businesses need. We have experienced team for Business Advisory, Bookkeeping, Accounting and Taxation Services which enable our clients to fully outsource their financial department.

  • Outsource

    Due to the fast pace and ever-growing cost of employment outsourcing bookkeeping is very common in small & medium size business. Outsourcing payroll is very common and beneficial now a days. We can also have similar benefits if we choose to outsource accounting.

    We have following options:
    Basic :Bookkeeping & accounting, or PayrollIntermediate :Bookkeeping, Accounting & Payroll, or Bookkeeping, Accounting & Taxation Advance :Bookkeeping, Accounting Payroll & Taxation Solutions
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  • Tax & Compliance

    QAATS professional team provide various services to clients including ITR & CTR, GST/ BAS lodgments, preparing financial accounts, compliance with ASIC, ATO and other external bodies, tax planning, tax returns for all entities and personal returns within the group at very reasonable price.
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  • Business Services

    QAATS provides all sort of business services so that company can focus more in business development.

    Accounts Payable: It is very important for the ongoing business to pay the bill on time but not too early. QAATS has highly skilled personnel who can take care of your Accounts Payable. Timely and correct payment to supplier is always important for business to operate smoothly and we take care of it is our own business.
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  • Business Advisory

    QAATS Business Advisory team help clients for following:

    - Planning & Goal Setting
    - Budgeting & Forecasting
    - Cash Flow Analysis-
    - ATO Industry Benchmarks-
    - KPI Analysis

    Planning & Goal Setting:

    Drive your business to next level

    For business owners reconnecting with their how can drive them to the next level of business success. Using business insights and systematic tools we can help you in planning to set goals and track progress. Growth is all about reconnecting with your objectives, creating clear indicators and tracking performance in a more meaningful way.
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