Due to the fast pace and ever-growing cost of employment outsourcing bookkeeping is very common in small & medium size business. Outsourcing payroll is very common and beneficial now a days. We can also have similar benefits if we choose to outsource accounting.

We have following options:

Basic              :Bookkeeping & accounting, or Payroll

Intermediate  :Bookkeeping, Accounting & Payroll, or Bookkeeping, Accounting & Taxation    

Advance         :Bookkeeping, Accounting Payroll & Taxation Solutions

(Full Package with customization also available)

Outsource Bookkeeping:

It given the business owners a freedom from day-to-day hassle of maintain the account or accounting team. It is very economical in terms of cost as the business need not to spent for hiring training and infrastructure. Keeping an accounting team is a costly affair for small and medium size business and it’s very difficult when account person goes on holidays or change the job. Outsourcing for accounting is a solution where alternate is available if a person on leave or left the business and the tasks are not affected. The risk for business continuity is eliminated by outsourcing the accounting function and well-trained professional are available for advice.

By outsourcing bookkeeping business have more time which can be better spent on making strategies for business growth. It’s a proven fact that chances of frauds reduce to minimum by outsourcing as these accounts are looked after by highly trained professionals and separation of duties are well implemented.

Outsource Accounting also take care of the time when business require them more, many times due to seasonal and other reasons accountant is not required round the year and it’s costly to keep account person in house if workload varies.

Last but not least with outsourcing you will always have a benefit of getting professional advice time to time for least cost.

Outsource Accounting:

QAATS provide full bookkeeping and accounting services for your business at affordable price. Let us save you take care of your books and save huge money while you focus on your business grow. At QAATS, we provide effective and efficient bookkeeping services, better reporting, and expert advice.

Outsource Payroll:

Payroll is always the confidential matter for any business. You can maintain high confidentiality with outsourcing your payroll to us. We use highly effective cloud base payroll system which fulfill all your regulatory requirement in a very attractive price. Our system supports the current Single Touch Payroll (STP) requirement, and we can take care your whole human resource department.

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